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Acoustic panel
Material: Polyester. Acoustic panels have been awarded the best emission raiting for building materials M1.
Product Title Dimensions Stiffnes
8850110 Acoustic panel black 1220x2420x9 6kg
8850112 Acoustic panel blue-gray 1220x2420x9 6kg
8850114 Acoustic panel white 1220x2420x9 6kg


Acoustic panels are made of polyester. The plates are lightweight and easy to attach. The acoustic panels isolates and suppresses the sound efficiently. Acoustical panels can be used in wall screens, walls or ceilings. Acoustic plates are especially suited for offices, meeting rooms, public spaces, schools, halls and auditoriums.


Product details:

50% natural polyester

50% recycled polyester

0-0.5% titanium oxide stained with sodium sulfate and soda Disc


Size and Density:

1220x2420x9 mm. The disc is available in different stiffnesses.

The rigidity of the disk is determined by its density; 4 kg to 6 kg / plate.



Acoustics should be stored in a dry and cool place. The plates should be kept away from heat and possible risk of fire. There should be an emergency exit in the storage space for fire or other hazards.