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Alumocci panels
Alumocci furniture panels consist of 4mm thick composite board with an aluminium layer on both sides (stainless steel in dark aluminium). Heathproof to 118 degrees Celsius / h. Patterned panel's fire class B.

Alumocci is easy to work, bend and cut. Due to its features, it is extremely suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Product Title Measurement
8991002 shiny white / pearl white 500x3050
8991011 champagne / shiny black 500x3050
8991021 metal grey / matte black 500x3050
8991171 matt white / silver grey 500x3050
8991231 stripe black / stripe white 500x3050
8991201 rust / concrete 500x3050
8991041 brushed aluminium / dark brushed aluminium 500x3050
8991181 matt white / silver grey 1220x3050
8991351 shiny white / pearl white 1220x3050
8991381 champange / shiny black 1220x3050
8991361 metal grey / matte black 1220x3050
8991371 brushed aluminium / dark brushed aluminium 1220x3050
8991391 stripe black / stripe white 1220x3050
8991211 rust / concrete 1000x3050

Alumocci profiilit  
Alumocci profiles
Material: Anodized aluminium
Product Title Measurement
8992031 Angle profile 3000
8992051 H profile 3000
8992001 J profile 3000

Asennusliima Alumocci levylle  
Installation glue for Alumocci panel
Package size: 290 ml. Usage temperature: -40°c - +90°c. Colour: white.
Product Title
8991350 Alumocci installation glue