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Iisi tiles
Material: Aluminium and composite. Self-adhesive Iisi tiles are suitable for all dry spaces in the home. Package contains 30 pcs.
Product Title Measurement
8991431 dark brueshed aluminium 300x296
8991421 brushed aluminium 300x296
8991411 white wood 310x248
8991401 wood / stainless steel 310x248
8991441 brushed aluminium / dark brushed aluminium 310x248

Self-adhesive Iisi tiles are a quick and easy solution to replace traditional tiles. The tiles made from aluminium and composite are suitable for installation into any dry space in the home. The tiles can be used to create stylish designs from kitchen backsplashes to large wall spaces. Installation of Iisi tiles does not require plaster or glue. The tiles are installed using the adhesive on the back of the tile. The surface of the wall can be moistened to ease installation. Tiles can be easily cut with a utility knife.