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Glass bracket
Material: Zinc cast. With safety bolt, for rails, stairs etc. 17mm from the bottom of the groove to the outer edge.
Product Title Finishing Measurement
5690201 Glass bracket Brushed chrome 45x63x29
5690301 Glass bracket seal Rubber for 6mm glass
5690311 Glass bracket seal Rubber for 8mm glass

Kaiteenkannake 86  
Hand rail bracket 86
Material: Steel. Flange diameter 9mm. Foot screw M10x90mm.
Product Title Finishing Measurement
5701101 Hand rail bracket 86 Nickel-plated 73x77

Kaiteenkannake 87  
Hand rail bracket 87
Material: Steel. Flange diameter 49mm.
Product Title Finishing Measurement
5701501 Hand rail bracket 87 Brushed stainless steel 73x77

Kaiteenkannake 3235-120  
Hand rail bracket 3235-120
Material: Steel. Foot screw M10/120mm.
Product Title Finishing Measurement
5705101 Hand rail bracket3235-120 Brushed nickel 35x50