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Desk Control  
Desk Control cable
Product Title
9531361 Desk Control cable

Desk Control software includes height adjustment features, three memory slots and a display. Desk Control reminds the user of adjusting the table height, calculates the duration of working time while standing and the calorie comsumption of the user. In addition, the user can specify the periods when they wish to work standing up. Desk Control works with all Easy electric tables. The software requires the Desk Control cable, with which the computer and the control unit of the table are connected, and the application available on the Linak website. Download application here.

Easymat workspace mat
Product Title Color Measurement
9542010 Easymat workspace mat Grey 510x775mm

Damping workspace mat decreases pressure on legs while working standing up. Helps prevent back issues and leg pain. The mat has bevelled edges and it is easy to keep clean.

Etulevyn kannake  
Front panel bracket
Material: Steel
Product Title Finishing Measurement
4126200 Front panel bracket left RAL9006 255x155x25mm
4126201 Front panel bracket right RAL9006 255x155x25mm

Table front panels are available to order in melamine or metal, ask for more information from your salesperson!

Jatkojohdon kannake  
Extension cord bracket
Material: Steel
Product Title Finishing
9523511 Extension cord bracket grey RAL 9006

Central unit rack
Sliding and rotating central unit rack that can be detached from the rail to facilitate moving the computer. The rack includes a handle. The rack rotates 360°, enabling easy wire connections. Rail measurement 465x125mm.
Product Title Finishing
9541120 Sliding and rotating central unit rack Silver grey

Kick and Click kiinnitys  
Kick and Click fastening
Kick and Click is alternative solution for fastening legs to a table top. The fastening solution makes installation even easier than before and provides more freedom for table designs.

Fastening solution is suitable for use with Easy DL15 and DL16 tables.

Product Title
9531381 Kick and Click bracket pair

Pistorasia kasi  
Socket kasi
The lid of the embedded sock et open by pressing the middle. Size 146 x 71mm, only 1.8mm from the surface.
Product Title Finishing
9591101 Socket kasi for two plugs Brushed stainless steel
9591121 Socket kasi for one plug and one USB port Brushed stainless steel

Pistorasiayksikkö kannen alle  
Socket unit under the table top
Cord hatch and a socket rack installed under it for three plug or three plugs and two USB ports.
Product Title Measurement Lead-through
9705110 Socket case 3xSchuko 240x120mm 232x114mm
9705112 Socket case 3xSchuko 2xUSB + 2x extra spaces 360x120mm 326x112mm
9705125 Additional port RJ45 (9705112) - -
9705127 Additional port HDMI (9705112) - -

Johdon läpiviennit muovi  
Wire lead-through plastic
Material: Plastic
Product Title Measurement
9700001 Wire lead-through white 60
9700021 Wire lead-through grey 60
9700041 Wire lead-through black 60
9700061 Wire lead-through beige 60
9700081 Wire lead-through brown 60
9700501 Wire lead-through white 80
9700521 Wire lead-through black 80
9700541 Wire lead-through grey 80
9700561 Wire lead-through brown 80
9700601 Wire lead-through matte nickel-plated 80

Johdon läpiviennit alumiini  
Wire lead-through aluminium
Material: Aluminium/zamak
Product Title Measurement
9701201 Wire lead-through aluminium 80x80
9701301 Wire lead-through aluminium 100x100
9701231 Wire lead-through aluminium 80x160
9701101 Wire lead-through matte chrome diameter 80

Socket column
Drilling 100mm. Cord 1,8m.
Product Title Finishing
9600071 Socket column PP2 Grey
9600091 Socket column PP3+2xUSB Grey

Wall-mounted socket for two or three plugs. The socket column can easily be lifted for use form under the table by pressing the lid.

Display arm
Suitable for use with 10-27" displays. The single-arm stand is available in two weight classes.
Product Title Finishing
9540016 Display arm 1,5 - 5kg / 2x USB Black
9540017 Display arm 4 - 10kg / 2x USB Black
9540019 Display arm for two displays 1,5 - 5kg / USB + MIC Black

Cable chain
Material: chain a plastic, bracket and floor weight metal.
Product Title Finishing Height
9545041 Cable chain DL15 table Grey 650-1200mm
9545051 Cable chain DL15 table Black 650-1200mm
9545061 Cable chain  DL15 table White 650-1200mm
9545071 Cable chain DL16 table Grey 550-1250mm
9545081 Cable chain DL16 table Black 550-1250mm
9545091 Cable chain DL16 table White 550-1250mm
9545111 Cable chain fixed height Grey max 900mm
9545121 Cable chain fixed height Black max 900mm
9545131 Cable chain fixed height White max 900mm
9545037 Cable chain bracket Black -

The cable chain can be used to keep wires neatly tucket away under the table. The cable chain is fexible and follows the movement of an adjustable electric table. The cable chain bracket is suitable for use with Easy DL15 and DL16 tables.

Cable channel
Material: Steel
Product Title Width Height Depth
9545010 Cable channel 493mm 130mm 317,7mm

Parkettipyörä 65/80kg  
Parquet wheel 65/80kg
Material: Plastic/steel
Product Title Finishing Height
9410101 Parquet wheel 50mm 65kg Black/grey Total height 75mm
9410131 Parquet wheel 50mm 65kg + brake Black/grey Total height 75mm
9700621 Peg for 65kg/50mm parquet wheel M8x15 - -
9410201 Parquet wheel 80mm 80kg Black/grey Total height 110mm
9410231 Parquet wheel 80mm 80kg +brake Black/grey Total height 110mm