Single-leg base and wall-mounted

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Sähköpöytä Easy DL12  
Electric table Easy DL12
  Electirc height adjustment
with wheel 620-1280mm + table top thickness
with pads 570-1230mm +  table top thickness
Product Title Colour
9530001H Electric table Easy DL12 RAL9006
9530001V Electric table Easy DL12 white

PIEZO movement cut-off as standard!

Table top size max 100x70cm

Lift capacity: 70kg

Lift speed: 38mm/s

Standby consumption: 0,1W

Guarantee: 5 years, battery 1 year

Table top sold separately. The height adjustment controls can be exchanged to a more versatile option.

Sähköpöytä 501-7  
Electric table 501-7
Electric height adjustment 660-1180mm. Also available with a wall mount based on order.
Product Title Colour
9500101 Table lifter 501-7 Silver

Table top size max 100x100cm, table top sold separately!

Lift speed 28mm/s

Lift capacity 70kg

Seinäkiinnitteinen sähköpöytä Easy DL5  
Wall-mounted electric table Easy DL5
Electric height adjustment 45-75cm. Sold as a set of one, two or three legs.
Product Title Colour Width Depth
9530401B DL5 / 1 -leg RAL9006 690 450
9530402B DL5 / 2 -leg RAL9006 690 450
9530403B DL5 / 3 -leg RAL9006 690 450

Lift capacity: 80kg / leg
Guarantee: 5 years, battery 1 year

Table top sold separately.