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Lasioven sarana PH012  
Glass door hinge PH012
Material: Zinc ast. Max. 6mm glass. Drilling diameter 5mm or 9mm. Sold as a pair.
Product Title Finishing Measurement
3040001 Glass door hinge PH012 Chrome 40x15x12

Cylinder hinge
Material: Brass
Product Title Measurement
3101001 Cylinder hinge 10x23
3101021 Cylinder hinge 12 12x28
3101041 Cylinder hinge 14 14x31
3101061 Cylinder hinge 16 16x34

Piano hinge
Material: Stainless steel. Other measurements / meter available on order. Price / meter..
Product Title Finishing Measurement
3102001 Piano hinge 32mm Brass-plated 0,7x32x3500

Heilurioven sarana  
Swinging door hinge
Material: Stainless steel
Product Title Measurement
3104031 Swinging door hinge 75

Kaasujousi ylösaukeavalle ovelle  
Gas spring for doors that open upwards
Material: Steel. Any Stop to keep open.
Product Title Finishing
3110101 Gas spring 80N Grey