Adjustable legs and pads

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Tube plug
Material: Plastic, black. Size: 25x25mm
Product Title
9394101 Tube plug M8
9394131 Tube plug M10

Säätötassu 10070-B  
Adjustable pad 10070-B
Material: Plastic/Stee, Galvanizedl. Load capacity 75kg/cs. Adjusted through the bottom, hex socket at the end of the pad.
Product Title
9395501 10070-B frame
9395601 10070-B M10x80
9395621 10070-B M10x120

Adjustable leg
Material: Black plastic / Nickel-plated steel
Product Title
9394401 M8x50
9394501 M10x35
9394531 M10x50

Adjustable leg
Material: Black plastic / Galvanized steel.
Product Title Diameter
9395021 Adjustable leg M6x25 Includes sleeve 20mm
9394414 Adjustable leg M8x25 PZ2 30mm
4401011 Threaded socket M8x19 10mm drilling
Adjustable pad
Material: Steel/Plastic. Height 23mm.
Product Title Color Diamter
9394411 M8x17 Black 45mm