Plinth and base legs

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Plinth leg
Material: Stainless steel. Size: 16x16x150mm.
Product Title Finishing
9398051 Plinth leg 150mm Brushed

Hettich sokkelijalka  
Hettich base leg
Material: Plastic. The dowel-fastened base can also be used as screw-fastened by pushing the dowels down.
Product Title
9028439 Base leg 100mm
9000687 Base leg 150mm
9069035 Base leg base

Folding base leg
Material: ABS. Adjustable. Height 90-190mm.
Product Title
9307131 Folding base leg dowel-fastened
9307121 Folding base leg screw-fastened
9307141 Folding base leg clip
9307151 Folding base leg mount

During transportation, the leg is folded horizontally so that the base acts as a transport platform. During installation of the cabinet, the leg is folded into vertical position and locked. The clip for the front panel is included with the leg, rear panel sticker clip can be ordered separately.

Base leg
Material: Plastic, black.
Product Title
9300101 Base leg 10cm adjustment 10-13cm
9300131 Base leg 15cm adjustment 13-19cm
9300161 Base leg 20cm
9300301 Base leg fastening flange with screws
9300331 Base leg fastening flange with dowels
9300501 Base leg clip mount