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Cleaning equipment rack
Product Title Color Measurement
2007221 Cleaning equipment rack Grey 450x140x870

Hose hanger
Product Title Material Color Measurement
2024001 Hose hanger Plastic White 180x45x45
2024031 Hose hanger Metal White 120x105x105

Letkukaari keskusimurille  
Hose hanger for central vacuum cleaner
Product Title Material Measurement
2024061 White hose hanger for central vacuum cleaner Metal 430x150x185

Siivoustarvikevaunu LM690 Siivi  
Cleaning equipment caddy LM690 Siivi
Material: Steel. Pull-out cleaning equipment caddy with telescope slides, for 400mm cupboard. Handedness changeable.
Product Title Color Measurement
2022131 Cleaning equipment caddy LM690 Siivi Grey 350x500x1350

Siivouskomerosarja Ima ja tarvikkeet  
Cleaning closet set Ima and accessories
The set includes: chemical cabinet with a lock, hose hanger, 2x storage drawers Ima, 6x hooks, 3x installation slides.
Product Title Material Measurement
2022151 Cleaning closet set Ima Plastic 305x260x350
2022201 Chemical cabinet grey Plastic 305x260x350
2022231 Ima drawer + slide Plastic 190x430x90