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Trouser rack  
Trouser rack
Material: Steel.
Product Title Color Measurement
2082211 Trouser rack 500 Silver 466-470x430x105
2082221 Trouser rack 600 Silver 566-570x430x105

Shoe rack  
Shoe rack
Material: Steel.
Product Title


2082101 Shoe rack 500 Silver 466-170x485x80
2082111 Shoe rack 600 Silver 566-570x485x80

Hanger slide  
Hanger slide
Materiaali: Nickel-plated steel
Product Title
7300101 Hanger slide 250mm
7300131 Hanger slide 300mm
7300161 Hanger slide 400mm

Rolling basket White  
Rolling basket White
Material: Steel.
Product Title


2081011 LM610 White 337x500x140
2081031 LM611 White 337x500x320
2081051 LM612 White 437x500x140
2081071 LM613 White 437x500x320
2081091 LM614 White 537x500x140
2081111 LM615 White 537x500x320

Rolling basket Grey  
Rolling basket Grey
Material: Steel.
Product Title Color Measurement
2080001 LM600 short Grey 337x440x140
2080021 LM601 short Grey 337x440x320
2080041 LM602 short Grey 437x440x140
2080061 LM603 short Grey 437x440x320
2080081 LM604 short Grey 537x440x140
2080101 LM605 short Grey 537x440x320
2080141 LM606 short Grey 737x440x140
2081001 LM610 Grey 337x500x140
2081021 LM611 Grey 337x500x320
2081041 LM612 Grey 437x500x140
2081061 LM613 Grey 437x500x320
2081081 LM614 Grey 537x500x140
2081101 LM615 Grey 537x500x320
2081141 LM616 Grey 737x500x140

Rolling slide basket  
Rolling slide basket
Material: Steel.
Product Title Color Measurement
2050001 Rolling slide basket 400 Grey 400x150x500
2050041 Rolling slide basket 500 Grey 500x150x500
2050081 Rolling slide basket 600 Grey 600x150x500
2050501 Rolling slide basket 400 Grey 400x325x500
2050541 Rolling slide basket 500 Grey 500x325x500
2050581 Rolling slide basket 600 Grey 600x325x500

Platform adapter  
Platform adapter
Material: Plastic
Product Title Measurement
2043001 Platform adapter LM217 10
2043031 Platform adapter LM218 13
2043061 Platform adapter 15
2043071 Platform adapter for rolling basket + screw set 15

Platform adapter is required when the inside width of the cabinet is non-standard. The adapter is fastened to the wall of the cabinet, between the slide and frame. Two or more adapters can be used on top of each other if necessary.

Telescope basketEtusarjakiinnike Telescope basketin  
Telescope basket
Material: Steel. / Chrome. Robust basket with solf-close slides. Slides are quick-clamped on to the basket. Suitable for front kit mounting.
Product Title Height
2112011 Telescope basket 400 140
2112031 Telescope basket 500 140
2112051 Telescope basket 600 140
2112071 Telescope basket 800 140

Front kit mounting for telescope basket

LankaBaskett uraliu  
Wire baskets with groove slides
Material: Steel.
Product Title Colour
2110041 Basket 235x235x300 White
2110101 Basket 235x335x300 White
2110161 Basket 235x435x300 White
2110221 Basket 235x535x300 White
2110281 Basket 335x335x300 White
2110341 Basket 335x435x300 White
2110401 Basket 335x535x300 White
2110461 Basket 435x435x300 White
2110521 Basket 435x535x300 White
2110581 Basket 535x535x300 White
2110365 Basket 335x535x150 White
2110375 Basket 335x435x150 White
2110435 Basket 435x435x150 White
2110495 Basket 435x535x150 White
2110553 Basket 535x535x150 White

200 and 100 mm high baskets are also available on order, ask for more information from our sales team.

Liukulista lankaBasketlle  
Slide for wire basket
Product Title Material Measurement
2110921 Groove 2 Plastic lift +14mm
2110941 Groove 3 Plastic lift +16mm
2110961 Groove 4 Plastic lift +23mm
2110801 Roll slide for Basket Steel 380x30

OviBasket 1070  
Door basket 1070
Material: Steel. Includes fittings.
Product Title Color Measurement
2115001 Lower basket with arches White 300x170x250

Door basket
Material: Steel.
Product Title Color Measurement
2116001 Door basket small 1 basket White 310x140x100
2116051 Door basket large 1 basket White 300x170x250
2116101 Door basket 2 baskets White 310x140x250
2116151 Door basket 3 baskets White 310x170x250

Tipping basket
Material: Steel.
Product Title Color Measurements
2116581 Tipping basket LM211 White 255x255x340/400
2116541 Tipping basket Mever 9062 White 350x248x396/445