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The materials Algranit and Granital used in Alveus composite sinks consist of granite grains bound with high-quality resins. Materials and manufacturing methods combine to create an extremely durable and flexible material that can withstand varying temperatures. The composite sinks are resistant to knocks and scratching and their surface is easy to clean.
The robust construction, high-quality materials together with proper cleaning ensure years of service from Algranit sinks.
The composite sinks are also available in a variety of colours on order, ask for more information from your supplier!

Composite sink Cubo 30
Material: Granital. Minimum cabinet width 450mm. Includes a remote-controlled basket drain stainer.
Product Title Color Dimensions
8200381 Cubo 30 Black 500x780x205
8200301 Cubo 30 Grey 500x780x205
8200391 Cubo 30 White 500x780x205

Composite sink Cubo 40
Material: Granital. Minimum cabinet width 600mm. Includes a remote-controlled basket drain stainer.
Product Title Color Dimensions
8200481 Cubo 40 Black 500x780x205/145
8200421 Cubo 40 Grey 500x780x205/145
8200491 Cubo 40 White 500x780

Composite sink Formic 20
Material: Algranit. Suitable for 600mm cabinet when installed from below, semi-recessed for 500mm cabinets. Pop-up valve as standard, soap dispenser available as an accessory.
Product Title Color Dimensions
8200511 Formic 20 Black 520x510x200
8200521 Formic 20 Mocca 520x510x200
8200531 Formic 20 White 520x510x200

Composite sink Formic 60
Material: Granite ash 80% binding agents 20%. Heatproof to +220 degrees Celsius. Minimum cabinet width 600mm.
Product Title Color Dimensions
8200601 Formic 60 Black 560x510x200
8200611 Formic 60 White 560x510x200